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From an 11-mile, 22 kV transmission line built in 1917, Irby Construction Company has grown to become a leader in all phases of power line construction, including Extra High Voltage (EHV), transmission and distribution systems, substations, maintenance and emergency restoration.

In 1919, Stuart C. Irby founded Stuart C. Irby Company which specialized in wholesale electrical supplies and electrical contracting. It started in the electric contracing business by erecting power lines for rural and municipal electric systems throughout the Southeast. In fact, Irby has erected more Rural Electrification Administration power lines than any other company in the United States.

In 1946, Irby Construction Company was chartered as a separate organization headed by Stuart C. Irby, Jr., son of the founder. Under his leadership, the company's growth continued, extending abroad for the first time in 1957 in Liberia, Africa.  By 1965, Irby Construction Company had successfully constructed projects in 36 states, and by 1966, it had constructed more REA projects than any other contractor in the country.  In 1966, Irby utilized helicopters for the first time to assist in powerline construction.  In 1967, Irby constructed the first 765kV project in the U.S.  Irby also, constructed transmission, distribution, and substations in Java, Indonesia, from 1975 until completion in 1981.  In 1977, Irby constructed a 112-mile, 400kV transmission line project in South Africa.  In 1986, Irby constructed 98 miles of 345 kV transmission in the environmentally sensitive Alaskan wilderness.  A leader in safety, Irby established a lineman apprenticeship program in 1987 and received certification from the U.S. Department of Labor in 1993.  In 1996, Irby constructed the first transmisssion line in Belize, Central America.ia, from

Recognized as a leader in EHV power line construction and having built the first 765 kV transmission line in the United States, Irby continues to lead in this field as well as all phases of power line construction.  Large international work was a hallmark of the 1970s, and steady growth throughout the country has continued to mark the last several decades.

Today, Irby Construction Company is part of the Quanta Services, Inc. family of companies — more than ever before we are able to offer many services to our customers.